Our Wedding Party

Matthew Van Zant





June Gant




Best Man
Bob Van Zant, Jr.




Maid of Honor
Joyce Gant
June and I have known each other since 1986. Fate has brought us together. LOL, of course because she was destined to be my elder sister. Being the eldest among us three, she is always looking after us. Whenever we needed help, she will not hesitate to offer her help. We were always close to one another ever since young. In year 2002, she left Malaysia for the States to pursue her studies. Two years after that, I joined her in the States and followed by my brother. It was great when the Gants were reunited as we had so much fun spending time together in a foreign country far away from home. During the festive seasons, we try our best to imitate what we usually do when we were back home for example having our reunion dinner together during Chinese New Year and also visiting the temple to offer our prayers during Chinese New Year.

When she told us that she was engaged, I was very happy for her because she finally found her Mr. Perfect. So Matt Van Zant, please look after my sister as she might be tough on the inside but weak on the inside. She is far away from home so please do not bully her. I am too far away so if she is sad, she can’t reach me immediately. I have only one sister so I trust you in taking care of her for the rest of her life. June, even though we always have our mini arguments, I still love you J. I wish you all the best in your marriage and have a happily ever after ending like fairytales. Please have little June and Matt Van Zant soon. I can’t wait to see you on your wedding day in Maui. Love and miss you as always!”

Michael Hawkins
“Matt and I attended the same high school where we met during good ol’ double days. Playing on the football team led us to have a common interest in sports, but also allowed us a lot of time to get to know each other outside of school. We shared many high school memories of debauchery: TP-ing with a crew of 8+ guys applying counter strike tactics, drinking shot for shot, cruising in the Tercel…..hah, who could forget those rubber bumpers?

Since high school, we have played golf, graduated to sloppier drunk, shared many conversations on the Giants and 49ers, ate like champions, and pretty much remained the same since we first met. Vegas trips with Matt were always classic moments; poker and the enjoyable task of eating a hundred pounds of pastrami at Carnegie Deli.

I was there when Matt started pursuing June. Dragon Lounge was the place to be in those days. I recall several occasions where he didn’t someone to tag along with, and being I lived so close, he would pick me up and we’d go drinking with June and her friends. You could tell he was so interested in her, so it was no surprise when the two of them officially became an item. I know Matt will remain loyal and always there for June, just as he’s been there for me and all of his friends over the years.”

Jonny Serencsa

Puya Vossoughi

Elaine New
“June and I came from the same junior college, however, we didn’t really know each other. In fact, she didn’t have a great impression of me haha. We both moved to SF the same time and had mutual friends from Malaysia that moved here too and that is when our friendship began. Nine and a half years later, I am proud to call June a wonderful friend and it has always been comforting knowing I have someone here from “home.” I have known Matt for many years as well and can see how he won June’s heart. I love you two together and can’t wait to share more memories with both of you!”

Mellisa Andrade
“June and I met in college, her first year in the Americas. Lol. It was love at first sight and I, being truly awesome, invited her and the rest of the Malaysian girl group (minus Elaine) to my home for Thanksgiving. This is when I discovered her love of ketchup (a love that rivals her love for Matt), hot sauce (only the kind where a skull is on the front of the bottle), and her contagious laughter. She’s been a part of my life ever since. No matter how long it’s been or where we are, we still take up where we left off. Me, pretending to be sick so she wouldn’t go to class and hang out with me instead or her, cooking her yummy chicken curry thing that I can’t get enough of. It’s a love that will last a lifetime… oh yeah and then there’s Matt.

I met Mister Wee in college as well. Fine, upstanding citizen that I have dinner with occasionally and watch football with. His humor is hilarious and he always lets me play his new video games. How can you not love that?

Anyways… through the years of knowing both of them separately, I can honestly say that these two are perfect for each other. All you have to do is witness an argument. Hahahaha.”

Heather Van Zant
“I have the great pleasure of calling Matt my awesome brother-in-law! It has been wonderful getting to know him over the past 8 years and even better now that June is in his life. I was so happy to hear that they will be building their lives together and I wish them all of the happiness in the world. We have spent countless holidays, dinners and BBQs together and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Matt and June have been a great support as Bob and I have grown our life together, especially as our baby made three of us. Mr. Nicholas adores his Uncle Matt and Aunt June! We can’t wait to offer our love and support as they grow their life together!”

Rachel Wong
“I met June at SF State when we were pledging for APhiO.  She has contagious happiness, and I always enjoy hanging around her.  I’d like to think I have a Malaysian connection with her since my grandfather born there!  I’m very happy for her, and delighted that I get to share this beautiful milestone in her life. Hugs & Kisses to you, June!”


Ring Bearers
Nicholas Gant




Nicholas Van Zant




Parents of the Groom
Bob Van Zant, Sr.

Karen Van Zant
“I am the proud mother of Matthew. I have watched him grow in to the wonderful loving man he is today. He has met a woman that has enhanced his life and I see that he loves and cares about June a great deal.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know June more and more since she has moved back to the bay area. As I get to know more about her I can see how much she loves and cares about Matt.

Matt and June, together you have what you call “awesomeness” ! I hope you will cherish and nurture this “awesomeness” you are so fortunate to have found throughout your lives together.

Your adventures of life have just begun, cherish every moment and remember to enjoy to most simplest of times as those are the most memorable!

Love to you both, Mom ”

Parents of the Bride
Jimmy Gant
“I have three lovely children – June (eldest), Joyce (second) & Kenn (youngest). They are all VERY independent and there is never a need for me to worry. As their dad, I’m ver PROUD & HAPPY to have them as my kids. If possible, I’d like to have them as a my children again in my next life. They are obedient kids and listen to our advise as parents.

After completing high school, June attended a college in Malaysia for 2 years before leaving for the United States to continue her education. 2 years later, her younger sister, Joyce, joined her. With his 2 sisters in the United States, Kenn couldn’t wait and decided to join his 2 older sisters in the United States upon completing high school. Though we are far away, we always make the effort to keep in touch.

Daddy will always love you all and will be there whenever any of you need me. Due to my commitment to work, I’ve always felt that I missed the opportunity to take good care of them, guide them and shower them with my love. So, I sincerely hope that their life partners will be able to cherish & LOVE them. (Otherwise, I’ll come after you…. [just kidding! :)]) Please LOVE them with everything that you have.

Love you all,

Sherina Ooi

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