Our Story

Matt and June first met when they were undergraduate students at San Francisco State University in 2004. The semester they met, Matthew pledged for Alpha Phi Omega, a national service co-ed fraternity, in which June was a co-Pledge Master together with another fellow sister.

Matthew with his Fall 2004 pledge class.

Fall 2004: Matt & June together with their fellow brothers & sisters from the Paper family

Fall 2004: Pledge Masters (June & Jessica) with their kids/pledges

Their friendship took off after that; from being co-big brothers to a new pledge to hanging out beyond classes.

Matt & June with their lil' bro (from Alpha Phi Omega) - Keina

However, their love for each other did not bloom until much later. Much, much later. :) Although they were mutually attracted to each other, the stars (up in the heaven) were not in their favor, at least not yet. After their graduation, they continued keeping in touch and hung out with each other from time to time.

At Mellisa's birthday party in 2007

Hanging out one last time before June moved to Los Angeles in 2007

Fun times together

It wasn’t until 2009 that things took a turn. In July 2009, Matt made a trip to San Diego and made a pit stop in June’s neighborhood – Los Angeles. The stars were finally aligned, and one thing turned into another, and soon thereafter Matt and June were finally together.

A chance encounter

June was living in Los Angeles whereas Matt was residing in San Bruno back then, making their relationship somewhat difficult to maintain. Despite the distance and challenges that presented itself, against all odds, Matt and June were determined to make their relationship work. They took turns visiting each other during the weekends, despite their hectic school and work schedules.

June joined Matt at his ever-famous Super Bowl party held in Matt's old San Bruno house

Celebrating Kenn's birthday during one of the many trips Matt made to LA

Late March last year (2011), Matt and June took their first official vacation together to the beautiful island of Maui. It was a wonderful time for them – filled with good food, rest and relaxation, fun times, and wonderful memories. Both of them came home fully rested and newly engaged.

The site where Matt proposed to June

Come March 2012, on the same day Matt proposed to June atop lava rocks in one of the beaches in Maui, they will start a new chapter together as newlyweds.

Rest assured, their love for each other will continue growing with each passing day and their love story will continue…


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